flea in the O.R.

The manuscript of this recent musing about perhaps the most important component of my career in rheumatology was just accepted for publication in Clinical Medicine, after being rejected by a surgical journal.  Sometimes those blades just can’t take a joke.  For you outsiders: blades are surgeons, for obvious reasons, whereas we internists, with our focusContinue reading “flea in the O.R.”

make it add up, doc

Those invites from the “predatories”, journals and conferences alike, just keep on coming.  For those of you not in academia, a “predatory” journal exists mainly to fleece authors of often astronomical article processing fees (APCs).  Journal costs used to be covered by subscriptions and/or support from organizations.  With most journal articles now accessed on-line, andContinue reading “make it add up, doc”

why rheumatology and, um, death?

I thought after all this coronavirus stuff, we needed a light break. As is often the case these days, this one was inspired by my high school English teacher Mrs. Pharriss. Towards the end of a long e-mail, she asked me: “Did you have to deal with deaths of patients very often during your medicalContinue reading “why rheumatology and, um, death?”