Look out Mr. Corona, here comes Science

The latest piece of COVID-19 information circulating in my Division Monday was a pre-print of a manuscript submitted to Nature (perhaps the world’s most highly regarded scientific journal) regarding the results of a molecular tour de force investigation of COVID-19’s protein components and the human proteins with which they interact, examining properties of existing drugsContinue reading “Look out Mr. Corona, here comes Science”

Hands off My Plaquenil?

My young friend Jason, research superstar and damn fine doctor to boot (see “shameless plugs” 2/22/20), is married to Sara, a science writer.  Sara has spent the last little while researching how the patients Jason and I look after see the new interest in one of their mainstay drugs – Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) – as aContinue reading “Hands off My Plaquenil?”

Treating COVID-19

On March 4th, in a 9 page (once translated) document, the Chinese Health and Public Health Ministry put out their 6th revision of its Guideline on Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Diagnosis and Treatment.  I put the full guidelines on my blog Thursday.  Only 2 small sections mentioned anything about drug treatment.  But they have foundContinue reading “Treating COVID-19”