Fauci’s feeble-minded fear-filled followers.

Let’s call ‘em 5-F.  That’s one more than 4-F, and we all know what that used to mean: you weren’t going to ‘Nam, but there was something wrong with the designee that rendered him pinch a’ shit unfit for military service, a low bar in those days given the war’s need for cannon fodder.  ButContinue reading “Fauci’s feeble-minded fear-filled followers.”

how about that Plaquenil?

That much maligned cinchona bark extract derivative got a little boost recently. On January 14, a group out of Hackensack (New Jersey) Meridian Health Network published their findings on the effect of Plaquenil on keeping COVID-infected patients out of the hospital*. They looked at all the patients diagnosed with COVID in their ERs or clinicsContinue reading “how about that Plaquenil?”