They called ‘em “fellowship groups”.  We were encouraged to join one shortly after we became members of the Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church (AACRC) in 2006.  Small groups of parishioners met regularly in one another’s homes to share each other’s company while discussing a biblical topic in some depth.  Bill, Marilyn, Tom, Claudia, Larry, Ruth,Continue reading “fellowship”

happy 90th, Cap’n!

I heard on WCRJ this morning that today was William Shatner’s birthday, getting it wrong by two days.  Must have been a time warp.  He was born 3/22/31 in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighborhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to a Conservative Jewish household.  Betcha didn’t know he was Jewish.  So, yep, Captain Kirk has turned 90.  How about that! He still looksContinue reading “happy 90th, Cap’n!”