Here listed are the references to the 2nd edition of Lost in the Ozone…Again! The Commander, his Boys, and Me.  50 years and Counting.  Going in sometime soon. The first addition came out on Amazon/Kindle last May. With the help of Bill Kirchen I have made many improvements and additions. There are many links, such as the 38 to articles, 18 to single songs, 6 to movies and TV appearances, and so on. For those without a Kindle, links can be accessed through the URL for this post.


1.         Bob Ike.  Two triple cheese… WordPress 4/17/21.

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93.       See TICKETS Oct 17 Bill Kirchen |Airmen Reunion.


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97 .      Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.

 98.       Bob Ike.  Happy 90th, Cap’n!  WordPress 3/25/21.

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