Here it is a brand new month. Some in this climate where I live dread February – more cold and dark.  Will we ever get through it?  But it’s a sunny morning here in Ann Arbor, and we’re one day away from that extremely underappreciated holiday of Groundhog Day, which happens to occur on a “cross quarter” day, smack halfway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox.  The Pagans celebrated this day as Imbolc, which I how I choose to observe it (1).  Much was made in their ceremonies with fire and light, as on this day one can perceive the lengthening of the day’s visible sunlight and know that spring is indeed going to come again.

As I sat in my living room with the sunshine streaming in, fire roaring, and tree still up (it comes down at Imbolc), I happened upon a trio of excellent articles touching on aspects of this COVID thing we’ve been going through for almost 2 years.  I’ve been blogging on matters related to coronavirus throughout this time, even putting the first year-and-a half’s output into a book (2).  But today, I’m going to let these three authors do the ‘splainin’.

All posts are on, a reputable, well-established, conservative-leaning news and opinion site.

Wayne Allyn Root is a conservative radio host who has been pointing out the hazards of the COVID vaxx since back before most everyone else had begin to notice.  Recently released data, particularly from our military, are quite damning.  In today’s article, he brings all those reports together (3).

Scott Morefield is a news columnist and journalist, but he actually spends this column describing the work of Ian Miller, an entertainment industry content manager, who has taken it upon himself to construct illustrative graphs about the actual effects of masks and other COVID mitigations, which mostly contradict the establishment line (4).  Twitter has been his medium, but he has compiled a book for the Twitter averse and also should Twitter eventually pull his account.

The whole issue of masks has irritated me enough to prompt to 8 blog posts so far (5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12) plus another my wife mostly wrote (13).

Kurt Schlichter is a wildly successful LA trial lawyer who carries the rank of Colonel from the army national guard where he was a battle seasoned paratrooper.  A marvelously articulate conservative with several books to his credit and a regular column that is always a must-read for me and Kathy, today he’s showing his love for those Canadian truckers and what it all means in the bigger scheme of things. (14)

Legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb has been done with America and living in France for over 20 years.  But he was always on the side of the revolutionaries, and ya gotta believe he’d be with those truckers.

They’re truckin’ towards freedom’!


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