So the latest player on the world coronavirus stage is B.1.1.529 (1).  The B.1.1. traces its genetic lineage directly to the original Wuhan strain.  The WHO, continuing its practice of assigning a Greek letter to the isolate had to go through some contortions.  Delta had been followed by 8 variants, all of which fizzled out.  “Nu (n)” was next up, but that suggests something “new”, which is the last thing this COVID weary world needs.  A committee has to pass on these things – WHO’s Technical Advisory Group on SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evolution – but next they faced the Red Dragon.  Xi (Ξ).  I’d like to think that the parents of premier Xi Jinping had embraced the Greek classical tradition, but I think it’s coincidence his name landed at #14 in the WHO naming sweepstakes.  I suppose Premier Xi has earned a prize for bringing the world to its knees, but naming a minor coronavirus variant after him seems a bit wimpy.  So on to the 15th Greek letter, the very bland omicron (O) (2).  I thought they could sex up the intro by bringing in a vixen from Trump’s “The Apprentice”, Omarossa

I’m not sure I want protection from that!

So what about his puppy?  As expected for a coronavirus many steps down the line, the virus is heavily mutated from the original.  At least 50 mutations in the virus compared to the original Wuhan strain, and 30 mutations in the spike protein alone.  Chances that immune systems targeted against Wuhan might whiff are substantial.  The monoclonals infused to the infected might whiff too.  The doc who first reported this variant in South Africa said the disease was mild, a few aches and pains, some fatigue, maybe some cough, but no loss of smell and taste.  On the flip side, it’s much more contagious.  Typical progression of coronavirus: less morbidity higher infectiveness. Evolving to a nuisance.

While the establishment stands ready to wield all the heavy handed measures its applied only to fail in the past: travel bans, lockdowns, mandates, passports, masks, all the while ratcheting the fear of yet another assault on our health.  The two-faced, flip-flopping, fawning, figurehead of our nation’s effort against fight against COVID – admitting he’s 2 weeks away from understanding this situation – recommends more boosters.  More spike protein, more clots, more heart attacks, more autoimmune neurologic syndromes, more deaths (3).  And who knows about the long term consequences of harboring spike protein everywhere. I’m disappointed that my hero Francis Collins has joined the ramparts here and is recommending more boosters. He’s a short timer and could speak his mind. I longed for him to join the fray earlier but he kept quiet. We’ll have to wait for the book.

Dr. Houmann Hemmati, a Ph.D immunologist from Cal Tech and USC has pointed out this strain could be our salvation ( 4).  By infecting widely, but lightly (nobody gets too sick), we all get natural immunity, that elusive “herd immunity” – never achievable with the mRNA “vaccines”-  comes into play.  So I say we toss the masks, snuggle up to each other, and get a little sick.  The vaxxed can participate, as omicron has mutated beyond any thing their mRNA infused immune system can recognize.

Your desire to participate in this endgame to our pandemic can be an excuse to throw every BS measure you’ve been told to “protect yourself” to the wind, as you’re going to protect yourself by facing up to this wimpy offspring of the generations removed bioweapon that’s changed our lives.  But no more as we move ahead into the normal times we all deserve.

But be cautious if omincron tries to take over your body entirely.  We know how that worked out last time (5)


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5. IMBd.  Omicron 1963.  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0191326/

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