Those holding the paperbacks of my Musing through a Corona books (1,2,3) can’t get to the many links. To help them get to the original WordPress posts, I provide here the following guide.

Mr.Corona.  Musings about coronavirus.

My Corona.  The pandemic needed a song!  After that proposal comes a lot of factual information about coronavirus, borne of my virology background.  My Corona


tonic?  Yes there’s quinine there, but here’s what it would take.  Tonic?


Testing. A brief diatribe on testing, finishing with a Monty Python link.  testing


smokin’ corona.  Why cigs may help you ward off Mr. Corona.  smokin’ corona


Plaquenil for corona.  Starting the conversation.  The drug has been berry berry good to me in rheumatology and I haven’t killed anybody yet. Plaquenil for corona


The Chinese COVID-19 Guidelines March 4th.  A document from the ChiComs on what they were doing, leaked by some Chinese babe at Stanford, and spread like wildfire.  Much of what American docs would do for several months stemmed from these.  The Chinese COVID-19 Guidelines March 4th 


How Plaquenil May Work.  A not that complicated explanation.  It’s all about the base.  How Plaquenil May Work


Treating COVID-19.  Embellishments of the Chinese guidelines, particularly the antimalarials. Treating COVID-19


Hands off My Plaquenil?.  A discussion of the patient movement to restrict, helped along by an article my young colleague’s wife wrote. Hands off My Plaquenil?


Look out Mr. Corona, here comes science.  An explanation of some of the approaches scientists are using to develop anti-COVID drugs. Look out Mr. Corona, here comes Science


Drugs.  A delineation of the drugs being used to treat COVID. drugs


Michigan COVID-19 Update.  What’s happening at U of M hospitals at that moment.  Michigan COVID-19 Update


mainly a beer run.  Observations about working guys in the middle of COVID.  Not published when first written.*. mainly a beer run

3/28/20* (published 6/29/21)

Hello Plaquenil! You too, Aralen.  Welcoming some old drugs into the fight against COVID.  Hello Plaquenil! You too, Aralen


Want a Z-Pac with that Plaquenil?  A description of Dr. Zelenko’s seemingly effective simple protocol.  Want a Z-Pac with that Plaquenil?


Come back West, old man?  California needs docs to staff COVID centers, so it thinks.  Here is how they attempt to get them back.  Come back West, old man?


Who was that masked man?  My first diatribe on masks, including a link to a user’s guide.

4/16/20. Who was that masked man?

1919.  A doctor in Minnesota publishes his successes in treating patients with the Spanish flu (1918 epidemic) with quinine and the then common anti-inflammatory salicylate.  The old is new again.  1919 


remdesivir.  A discussion of the main hot drug to treat COVID.  This is what President Donald Trump got.  remdesivir


how clean?  The tragedy of hand sanitizer conversion.  how clean?


smoke ’em if you got ’em?  Yep, those cancer sticks do smoke off Mr. Corona.  smoke ’em if you got ’em?


wifey’s turn.  My dear wife takes the helm and offers her response to an article some of our church friends had floated.  I think there’s maybe some scorch marks from her flamethrower.  That’s my girl.  wifey’s turn


masks.  My offering to Gov. Bimbo. masks


mask 2.  Kathy’s offering.  We w. ore these to our local grocery store Busch’s) once and were greeted with hilarious approval. mask 2


News for Sara.  To my favorite fellow and current co-author I offer up what’s happening at her old institution News for Sara


no stinkin’ masks.  A transmission of a Howie Carr column


What kind of army is this?  What happened with Gov. Newsom’s call for an army of docs to fight COVID. I applied, but was not accepted among them.  What kind of army is this?


Hail to the Plaquenil, Chief!  President Donald J Trump admits to taking Plaquenil, assuring a backlash from St. Anthony and his ilk. Hail to the Plaquenil, Chief!


Can I have some of that?  Actemra, an anti rheumatoid drug that I had prescribed in buckets, not only does not make treated patients more vulnerable to COVID, but may protect them from its more ravaging effects.  Can I have some of that?


Empties.  A consequence of COVID, at least in Michigan. empties


masks, criminy.  More about the nonsense of masks. masks, criminy


Plaquenil yay!  At last a trial that shows some protection. Plaquenil yay!


head Doc. Let me tell you a few things about St. Anthony.  head Doc


six feet?.  How those distances got determined.  six feet?


no fat for you, Mr. Corona!.  An Israeli ploy to treat COVID.  no fat for you, Mr. Corona!


lockdowns?  What are their actual effects?  lockdowns?


Clean!  How I react to a COVID scare to placate my fraidy cat classmates.  Clean!


masks, droplets, aerosols and all that.  A demonstration of droplet spread. masks, droplets, aerosols and all that 


sunshine on my shoulders kills my COVID.  A doc at my medical alma mater makes an interesting discovery. sunshine on my shoulders kills my COVID 


gotta die from something.  Link to a report by a Johns Hopkins economics prof about the “excess deaths” fallacy.  gotta die from something 


gotta die from something II.  More about Prof. Briand at Hopkins plus a letter from my colleague Elena.  gotta die from something II


Prof. Carlin.  A lecture we all need to hear.

12/10/20. Prof. Carlin

Excess death.  I thought one per person was the allotment, but there are details about the distribution.  Excess death 


AMA caves on Plaquenil.  Buried in meeting notes.  It’s o.k. to prescribe it now.

12/16/20. AMA caves on Plaquenil

dirty!  A short post with a very persnickety link to a report on the consequences of excessive cleanliness.  dirty!


Ah-choo!.  Nice video demonstration of droplet distribution.

12/21/20 Ah-choo!

masks, again.  Post to an article about lack of any mask effects in Florida.

12/22/20 masks, again

those vaccines I.  My first stab at explaining COVID vaccines to a friend.

1/22/21 those vaccines I

how about that Plaquenil?  Some support for Plaquenil out of Hackensack.

1/24/21 how about that Plaquenil?

Fauci’s feeble-minded fear-filled followers.  A chance encounter in the woods leads to insights about these people.  Call ‘em the “5-Fs”

2/4/21 Fauci’s feeble-minded fear-filled followers.

those vaccines again.  I explain COVID vaccines to some U of M alumni, and finish by praising Francis Collins (easy task). those vaccines again


Saint Anthony … fired?  If only.  Check out his record

4/25/21 Saint Anthony … fired?

thoughts shared with Donna on Decoration Day.  Reflections on a neighborhood Memorial Day party.  I think I managed to piss off the whole neighborhood with this one. Can’t handle the truth.

5/30/21 thoughts shared with Donna on Decoration Day

vaccines again.  An explanation of the 3 U.S. vacciness plus the scary AstraZenica

6/24/21 vaccines again

heart warming. Adolescent boys receiving COVID mRNA vaccines are developing myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation). Should we be worried? heart warming


friends and family – musings about those close and dear to me

Goodbye Sam.  My first post.  Sam, I’m sure, would have become my best friend had he lived.  Tho’ our paths had intertwined back to high school, it took Facebook to bring us together.  God, how I miss him.  Goodbye Sam


see Sam.  Collected pictures of my late friend Sam.  see Sam


on the list?  Something I sent to all those I notified of my new blog.  on the list?


Dinner with the McCarthys.  Tall, willowy, athletic, and impossibly cute, plus a neighbor!  A relationship smashed by my shyness grows now as mature couples interact.  Dinner with the McCarthys


33 and a third.  There are anniversaries and there are anniversaries.  33 and a third


How we met.  In case you wanted to know.  How we met 


My mother-in-law.  I got so lucky.  Miss you Ruth.  Found in “vault”and not published till 6/29/21*.  my mother-in-law


flowers.  Ya know how when a band reissues an album they find things “in the vault” that weren’t on the original pressing?  Here’s a Valentine’s Day story I’ll wait till next VD to post* (no link).


Docere.  My wife’s company, she’s cut me in as equal partner.  Knowledge is our product which, as you know, is good.  Docere


for Annie Banannie.  My fave of all of Kathy’s old school friends. (for Annie Bananie


missing Nathan.  Boy, do I.  What a doc.  What a guy.  missing Nathan 


Remember.  Thoughts and images after visits to family graves on Memorial Day.  remember


goodbye Sue.  A danger of befriending octogenarians is they can leave unexpectedly.  Without Sue, there would not have been a first “book”.  goodbye Sue


TDP.  My friend, my chief, my best man.  So sad to hear of his fate.  TDP


My beautiful wife loves Michigan.  She surely does.  See how she prepares for MSU.  Nov 13, 2020 at 10:05 AM

My beautiful wife loves Michigan


Aunt Dorie.  Why I’m where I am, I guess.  The right nudge, oodles of encouragement and support.  She understood more than any other relative where I might be going, as that was her game (Prof Psych Nursing WSU).  But she taught me an awful lot about food, too.  Aunt Dorie 


Fam.  Here’s what I’ve got.  fam


nurse!  My friend Ott needed to hear this song.  nurse!


hey, Tim.  My friend from the final frontier asked, and I unloaded.  Much sports here.  hey, Tim


Volume III. Indulgences.  What we did to ease the pain

Travel – musings from the road.  Wherever you go, there you are (Jim Russell, PSU, 1955)

From Ike to Mike: advice for a trip to Ann Arbor.  My young athletic trainer rehabbing my shoulder is coming to AA with his girlfriend and some other friends, looking for tips.  From Ike to Mike: advice for a trip to Ann Arbor


Way too early on a Friday morning January 17th: a pre-travelogue.  Getting ready for California!  Way too early on a Friday morning January 17th: a pre-travelogue  another hard day in LJ


another hard day in LJ.  Life in paradise can be grueling! another hard day in LJ


Cigar City.  Beer done right in Tampa.  Cigar City


Ice at the US Grant.  Research into a novel delivery system reveals importance of the product to the hotel’s namesake.  Ice at the US Grant


the trip that never was.  California dreaming with a COVID wake up. (no link)


LJ here we come!  Getting ready to go to our favorite place in the U.S.A. again. (no link).


ein prächtiges pissoir.  Wonderment in Vienna.   ein prächtiges Pissoir


drink down Dunedin.  Touring a great little beer town near the Gulf Coast in Florida.  drink down Dunedin


Land of Enchantment.  Our last trip to see Kathy’s brother Bob in Santa Fe.  But we have other friends there. We’ll be back.  Plus a recipe! (no link).


LT and the future of clean.  Breakfast by Union Station in Chicago gives us a glimpse of the future.  LT and the future of clean.


ARB-KAL.  A guide to taking in Kalamazoo from Ann Arbor by train.  ARB-KAL 


Food – mmm mmm musings

Restaurants.  Reviewing Republic Tavern.  Since closed, alas.  restaurants


the other Detroit restaurant, day after Christmas 2019.  A brief mention of Albena.  the other Detroit restaurant, day after Christmas 2019.


Vampire Marys.  An invite to a tailgate prompts a large volume adaptation.  Vampire Marys


Feeding the Speis.  Garlic mashed potatoes for 32, plus a description of half my new found family.  Feeding the Speis


Hail Caesar!  We learned the tableside Caesar at our then favorite restaurant and have been doing it ourselves for years.  A German friend had been asking for the recipe for decades since we first made one for him, so here it is.  Hail Caesar!


My favorite holiday.  Is Thanksgiving and, yes, food is a big part of it.  My favorite holiday.


Recipes. A comment on the joy of diving into old recipes around Christmas.  Recipes 


dying spies.  Those old spies can go into your glühwein!  dying spies


rational drinking.  By the numbers, of course.  rational drinking


good for your heart.  One pretty darn good legume recipe.  good for your heart 


‘squeat*!  That was how we called each other to dinner in West Quad.  Here we have dinner at Albena, my favorite Detroit restaurant.  ‘squeat*!


garlic* paste.  Why should Indian housewives have all the fun, especially with COVID and all?  garlic* paste


‘shrooms!  A simple taste treat off the grill. (no link).


thanks, Timbo!  Making gravlax.  thanks, Timbo!


a simple dinner.  Just that, described.  a simple dinner


meat!  Handling the bounty from Meijer’s.  meat!


tallow, ho!  Finally found something to do with all that suet.  tallow, ho!


eat Harold’s.  The finest fried chicken in the universe.  eat Harold’s 


Belgae moules!  Mussels are cheap and absolutely delicious when prepared right.  Not that hard.  Belgae moules!


clearly non-kosher mussels for Jesus dinner.  We like seafood on Thursdays.  Fortunately, we’re not restricted by Leviticus.  And we turn it into a pasta dish.  clearly non-kosher mussels for Jesus dinner


it’s the berries.  Save for strawberry season.  You don’t need all that sugar.  it’s the berries  in my kitchen


Undaunted flapjacks.  Lack of proper ingredients is no obstacle!  Undaunted flapjacks


In my kitchen. Welcome to my lab.  in my kitchen


Sports – The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose (Ernie Banks).

Michigan 84 Purdue 76 (2 OT).  Great game.  Michigan 84 Purdue 76 (2 OT)


Brady in PB.  They loved Brady in Sandy Egg.  We got to visit the cool bar where he hung out.  Brady in PB


Juwan and us.  We loved him then, we love him now.  Michigan is so lucky to have the coolest coach in college basketball.  Juwan and us


Sonny and Jimmy.  A mystery about two signatures on a manila folder found in a box.  Sonny and Jimmy  


Bye, bye bikes?  Considering that bicycling may no longer be a sport for me.  So sad.  Bye, bye bikes? 


gone, gone, gone.  A lament to the departure of my bicycles.  gone, gone, gone


Walkies.  Waxing on the joys of walking in the woods, plus a list of places to do same.  walkies


trail tales.  List of area hiking trails.  trail tales.


Hey, Tim.  My friend from the Last Frontier asked about sports, and I unloaded.  hey, Tim.


deathless loyalty.  Standing up for maybe the greatest Wolverine ever.  deathless loyalty


more Fielding Yost. Thoughts on Yost after reading the President’s advisory committee report.  more Fielding Yost


et tu, Bo?.  The woke crowd is after Bo, working through his pervert team physician.  Both long dead, of course.  et tu, Bo?

.  6/10/21

more Bo.  Elaborating in Bo’s case.  more Bo


football!  From a coffee table book in the South Have beach house we were renting, see the face of football at turn of the last century.  football!


college mascots.  Knowledge every fan of college sports must master.  college mascots


Ann Arbor evening.  Home by the fire after 10 days in the Golden State.  Ann Arbor evening 1/27/20 


cross quarter.  There’s more to it than the silly groundhog.  cross quarter


feed my worms.  It was time for a new hobby.  feed my worms


on Harbal.  Welcome to my beautiful home.  Links will give you a good tour around.    on HarbalI’m so lucky.


I like being old.  Yep. And here’s why.  I like being old


simplify, simplify, simplify.  Inspired by my high school homecoming queen, I reflect on how COVID may be helping us feel better about somethings.   simplify, simplify, simplify   


Commandments.. From my brother Nick, Commandments for the 60 and over.  commandments 


Third phase.  A reflection on retirement.  Third phase


Thank you, Jeff Bezos.what would we do without Amazon.  Thank you, Jeff Bezos 


dandy dozen.  More than just a refrain in a silly Christmas carol, there really are 12 days!  Celebrate them all!  dandy dozen.


An ode to 2020.  Maybe not so bad after all.  An ode to 2020


50 years.  I relate to a high school friend what’s been happening.  50 years


unsubscribe!  Frenzied phone focus in a bar upon learning of an e-mail option to keep them away.  unsubscribe!


happy 90th, Cap’n!.  Who doesn’t love Captain Kirk!  happy 90th, Cap’n!

.  3/24/21

batch.  I learn some etiquette for the digital age.  batch.


shameless plug.  My first “book” The Accident, available on Amazon. another shameless plug


1.         Ike R.  Musing through a Pandemic.  My year and a half with Mr. Corona.  Volume I.  about Mr. Corona.  Amazon (Kindle) 2021.  ISBN: 9798530730

2.         Ike R.  Musing through a Pandemic.  On the sidelines.  Volume II.  Interpersonal relationships.  Amazon (Kindle) 2021.  ISBN: 9798531225023

3.         Ike R.  Musing through a Pandemic.  On the Sidelines.  Volume III.  Indulgences.  Amazon (Kindle) 2021.  ISBN: 9798531231062


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I retired from the Rheumatology division of Michigan Medicine end of June '19 after 36 years there. Upon hitting Ann Arbor for the second time (I went to school here) it took me almost 8 months to meet Kathy, 17 months to buy her a house (on Harbal, where we still live), and 37 months to marry her. Kids never came, but we've been blessed with a crowd of colleagues, friends, neighbors and family that continues to grow. Lots of them are going to show up in this log eventually. Stay tuned.

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