an evening in Piscataway

Rutgers is the birthplace of college football (1).  Street clothes clad students from Princeton showed up there November 6, 1869, responding to letters from Rutgers students challenging them to a game of football (2).  A series of “games” were played, a victor declared with the first score.  The scarlet turbans and handkerchiefs the Rutgers playersContinue reading “an evening in Piscataway”

how to save your squirter

I was never great shakes in the lab (1).  In retirement, I’ve considered the kitchen my lab (2), and results have been more promising.  Certainly the joy of the lab, which escaped me while working, is something I’ve found here.  Still considering myself a scientist, I feel obligated to report my results, particularly when theyContinue reading “how to save your squirter”


Talk about a find.  It all began as a search for a suitable Chicago restaurant for our 36th anniversary dinner.  I searched for spots near our Lakewood AirBnB, specifically seafood restaurants.  Pescadaro was plenty close (1), but we’d been there and the long tables upon which the admittedly great food is served detract from theContinue reading “Hooked”